Your Support Makes a Difference.

Shop, donate, or partner with Same Stars Canvas to help foster children feel more at ease in their new environments

Our Brand

100% of proceeds from your purchase are used to help provide a duffel bag to a foster child in need.


Hand woven.

Naturally dyed.

Fair trade.

Help foster children.

When children enter the foster system, they are given nothing but a trash bag to keep their things in. With your purchase of our handcrafted bags, Same Stars is able to instead give these children a quality canvas duffel bag and a smoother, less dehumanizing transition into the foster care system.

Empower women.

Each item in our line is handcrafted with traditional Mayan weaving techniques by a small indigenous women's cooperative in Guatemala. Every thread is hand spun from raw materials, naturally dyed, and hand woven using traditional looms. Your purchase of their artisanship helps indigenous women gain financial independence and bring prosperity to their local communities.

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