Same Stars Canvas is a nonprofit that exists to work in partnership to provide foster children with the resources they need to feel safe and at ease in their new environments.


Give foster children a home away from home.

When children enter foster care, they're given only plastic garbage bags to keep their belongings in. Same Stars works to ensure that foster children do not have to carry what little they have in trash bags. We provide these foster children quality duffel bags filled with necessities and comfort items. We are seeking for each foster child to feel that no matter where they are, this duffle bag allows them to make a home in whatever family they are assigned to. We need your help.

Empower women artisans.

Our partnership with a Guatemalan women's cooperative allows indigenous women to earn a fair, liveable wage for their craftsmanship while helping us raise money for foster children.

In April 2017, Same Stars Canvas was one of only two young entrepreneurship endeavors in the state of Georgia to be named as a Saunder's Scholar.

Same Stars Canvas was a 2018 Young Entrepreneurs Academy finalist, recognized as one of the most promising international startups of the year.

Same Stars Canvas has shared its missions at conferences, events, and summits across the United States, forming crucial partnerships along the way.

Hand Spun

Yarn is hand spun by artisans before being woven into textiles.

Naturally Dyed

Local materials such as coffee, banana, indigo, avocado, and cedar give thread unrefined and unfading color.

Hand Woven

Each bag's textile is handwoven and embedded with  meticulous detail that can only be recreated by hand.

Careful Craftsmanship

Artisans pay attention to all the details of each piece, ensuring that every bag is of the highest quality.

Unique Textiles

Made with textiles you won't find anywhere else.

Aids Foster Children

100% of proceeds go towards giving foster children a quality duffel bag.

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